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Real Estate Agents

Realtors in the residential or commercial markets, and homeowners looking to sell.


From amateur architectural designs to multi-million-dollar masterpieces.

Retail Centers

Outdoor retail shopping centers and surrounding property or amenities.

Remodeling Teams

Companies in the business of remodeling and reconstruction of existing structures.


Interior / exterior designers and contractors in painting, lighting, staging, landscaping, etc.


Manufacturers or re-sellers of interior fixtures and furniture, etc.


Heather Jeane started out as an apprentice for a portrait photographer. Not long after, she landed her first career architectural project with the Southlake Town Square, an outdoor shopping center. Her photos were featured on their website, social media, and printed brochures. 

Since then, Heather’s career as a photographer branched out into residential real estate, apartment complexes, and remodel completions. 

Heather’s specialties are interior and exterior, residential and commercial property photography. 



Heather has had an interest in buildings and architecture since childhood. Over the years, she discovered an innate sense of enjoyment in creating images of inspiring architectural elements. Being naturally drawn to context and detail, light and shadows, Heather is primarily a self-taught architectural photographer. 

Her favorite style is French architecture, and she enjoyed living in and traveling around Europe for a time. You’ll often find her sipping a cup of coffee or standing in the street to get the perfect angle on a new architectural inspiration.